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Ultra thin lighting modules for the living space and unique in every way.
Palm-sized and as thin as a box of matches, volatiles transforms exclusive glass mosaic into tantalizing light scenes, yet remaining completely invisible.



Architecture follows distinct rules. One of them: space needs light. You can install conventional lamps and luminaires to get conventional light. Or you turn existing surfaces into interactive light sources, returning it to the original purpose: illumination and well-being.
Create seemingly endless lighting conditions in your personal space with volatiles lighting modules. Relaxing color combinations in your spa, breathtaking light effects for special occasions or integration into your Smart Home, e. g. with event notifications. Challenge your creativity.

Intelligent lighting

As opposed to conventional lighting solutions, volatiles modules can display millions of colors. A different color in each tile if desired. And there is more: every tile is sensitive to touch, light, even movement. The mosaic around a mirror for example could turn brighter as soon as someone approaches it.

volaStyle – lighting scenes

Enchanting compositions. Symphonies of color and movement as well as sensible application in every day life. Professional lighting and animation designers, interior designers and even color therapists create individual compositions and lighting scenes for the volatiles lighting modules to guarantee this brilliant interplay and the perfect coordination of all parameters.


Easy installation

Neither special racks nor complex alterations are needed to install volatiles modules, thus saving time and expenses. Power supply comes from an innovative fitting grid onto which the volatiles modules are attached with a simple clicking mechanism. External controlling devices are no longer necessary.

intuitive use

Touch operation is a part of almost every smartphone or tablet today and light switches have always been operated by fingers. Our operating concept is based on this simple principle. We made the light switch intelligent and hid it behind the glass mosaic surface. Behind every single tile. Smart lighting without a smartphone.

Room for creativity

An uncompromising drive for creativity does not allow for cables. This is why we developed a technology that connects all volatiles modules wirelessly, invisibly turning them into dynamic lighting surfaces. Factors such as the arrangement of modules, distance or location within the room do not matter: after the installation an automated alignment and calibration concludes the process. The result: maximum creativity with minimal installation effort.

Energy Efficient

Thanks to the latest generation LED technology, our volatiles lighting modules are highly energy efficient in daily use and very long lasting. Compared with a traditional light bulb, our LEDs consume 80-90% less energy with a 25x longer life span. In addition, our range of smart sensors can help reduce energy consumption even further.

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Light will be capable of being seamlessly integrated into any surface, be it walls, ceiling or window. The LED technology offers an incredible potential. As technology providers of lighting modules and lighting control, volatiles paves the way for an intelligent, planar lighting. For our clients we develop individual modules that quickly turn static surfaces into interactive lighting scenes. As innovation leader of planar lighting control we are able to generate interactive content for every type of connected LED lighting device.

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